Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, Hallo to you.

After giving up my other blog-site, because it was quite a pain to work on and after that going through a long pro-castrination period, i have now got my act together and opened this blog. On this page i will firstly post photographs of what makes me tick, but also keep all of you up-dated on great (and not so great) safari-sightings and anecdotes.
I am going to start with a poem. (my way)

The sky is almost white in its intensity,
The sun blazing its heat from right overhead,
Great trees without leaves, branches dry and brittle,
Heat-waves dancing from the sand,
Everything covered in a film of dust.

Great sunsets, red in colour, purple and gold,
Animals at the water's edge, in their droves,
quenching their thirst, while it's cool,
But what about the land?
Dry, Grey, Dead, Bleak and deadly,
All are waiting for the rain.

Pula, Pula, Pula!!
We wait.

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