Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another try

Well, i've done it again...
I must have pushed a wrong button somewhere and deleted my first try, so i will do it again and hope for the best. This happens a lot to me when i play around with things i've never done before...and being blonde also does not help.
The poem i had on the previous post, came straight from my head and was not written down, so i will try and get that feeling back, so here goes...

Heat-waves shimmering in the air,
The sky almost white in it's intensity,
The blazing hot sun straight overhead,
The air, searing hot to your lungs.

Great trees without leaves,
Their branches dry and brittle,
The sand too hot to the touch,
Dry dust-clouds everywhere.

Birds, animals and humans,
frantic in their search for deliverance,
from the heat, the dryness, the grey-ness,
the feeling of hopelesness....
of this season...just waiting for the rain

Magnificent sunsets, reds, purples, orange and gold,
make up for tempers frayed,
We become cloud-watchers,
Looking for the signs from above.

Pula, Pula, Pula
and patiently, we wait.

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