Friday, April 23, 2010

Photos : Makgadikgadi National Park

Granny does Central Kalahari

Well, hi everyone. After a long absence, i will now tell you about an absolutely fantastic safari we have just done.
There were five of us on this trip plus Dandy, our cook. Remko and Elza from the Netherlands, Gary, who lives in Botswana and Toff and me(granny !! haha)
So, after sorting out some last minute problems with fridges (don't ask)we set off to the little town of Pandamatenga, where we spent our first night at Touch of Africa. The next morning, after breakfast, we get on the road to get to our campsite in Makgadikgadi National Park.
Not too much shade, but a nice spot anyway. Impala around the camp-site and the Boteti river, full of water, in view. we will be here for the next 4 days. The next page will be Photo's only. Enjoy.