Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dinner after a good day out

Hi all,
When we have been out on a game drive, especially a successful one, like seeing that magnificent leopard. It was hot, sweaty, but we got our photos and the feeling of being so close to one of those beautiful animals,makes you go away with a feeling of euphoria. At first we could not stop talking about it, almost as if there was so much adrenaline, that we had to get rid of it by talking....but after coming back to the camp, there was a quiet feeling, taking stock of what was seen.Firstly, a beautiful sunset, puts you in the mood for a sundowner drink...normally a cool, refreshing Gin and Tonic, while stretching our legs for a bit.
Sure, after the mosquitos found us, that quietness got broken by the sound of slapping and the spray bottle being used...horrible little critters, those.
As always, Dandy made sure that we had a good dinner and with enough wine to go with it, it always turns out to be the favourite time of the day. It's cool, with a little fire burning, the sounds of the Hippo's just behind us in the water (or out) the stars above...The African peace, like you don't find just anywhere.

Cats are cats are cats

well hi there again,
it took me a while to get back to this site, but i just had to get back to show you some more pics of our beautiful Leopard. i am bragging of course.
On this last safari, Toff put his extraordinary sense of finding the big cats, to good use. He found this leopard and stuck to it....even when it dissapeared, he drove to where he thought it was going to re-appear and....voila, it did!! Niels and Dennis where over the moon with this sighting, because that is what they were there for. We had enough time to take all the pictures we wanted.
The leopard got so relaxed that it was just laying there, grooming itself, just like a house-cat, except much bigger and very dangerous. Somehow, you still get the feeling, the urge, to get closer and stroke it's fur and maybe get it to purr.

Friday, December 11, 2009

leopard behaving like a normal cat

well, hi there again,

things have been a bit hectic here and i have fallen a bit behind.

To come back to the last safari and cats.

Seeing this beautiful leopard, so calm and relaxed, acting so much like any old house-cat, you feel that you could just go "here kitty, kitty" and want to stroke him just to feel him purr-purr-purr. We had enough time to sit and choose the shots we wanted.

This safari was a good time for me to get back into nature as she was intended. It was hot and dry and animals were few but, it was one of the best trips i have made.

Nature is intended to be enjoyed as it comes. It could be hot or cold, dry or wet, stark or lush...its the best feeling ever. This is life.